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A Letter to our Donors

Dear Pro-Life Advocate,

What a mess! Abortions, ISIS, beheadings, the Ukraine, Syria, Gaza! Man-made plagues! It makes you wish for invasions of frogs and locusts instead.

Why not? Nature's plagues eventually go away. The frogs and locusts disappeared. Epidemics peter out. Even wars don't last. They are won and lost and end. But abortion keeps getting worse.

So far, it has lasted longer and claimed more victims than most epidemics and wars in recorded history. More than 55 million unborn children have been killed and millions of tax payers forced to pay for a significant number of those killings done at Planned Parenthood facilities.

And now people who buy insurance under Obama Care can be coerced to pay a surcharge that will be used to underwrite even more abortions. Sorry, no exceptions, not even pro-life churches.

At least the Biblical plagues led to a new set of laws etched in stone and a civilization governed by the word of God. And then the Word became flesh and spoke relentlessly of the one thing that could prevent many man-made plagues like abortion: LOVE.

Just imagine what a better world it would be if governments mandated: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself?"

Why not? You've shown it works. Every time you donate to the Life Education Council's Choose Life banner and billboard programs you're loving neighbors who are in desperate circumstances: pregnant, alone and having to choose between life and death for their unborn babies. So they call the 800 help line on the banner or billboard and learn that they and their babies don't have to be statistics of a deadly plague.

Others see the Choose Life banners and billboards, too, including the "Pharaohs" of this world. They may not fear us, but what they do fear is loss of power.

That will happen when enough pro-life voters turn voting machines into frogs and locusts. That may not stop the killing of innocent unborn babies right away, but there's always the unfailing word of the Word Made Flesh: LOVE.

It gets immediate results! A banner, a billboard, a phone number, a pregnancy aid center, a pregnant woman finding the help she needs and a baby lives.

It's almost as if in following His command to "love one another" by helping those mothers and babies you are helping fulfill a prediction He made about His own birth: "I come that they may have life and have it more abundantly."

It seems as if you have a starring role in the Christmas pageant!

The abortion plague continues hardly unabated which keeps us motivated to continue to reach out to the women who make the life and death decisions. That isn't possible without you, however, so we're hoping you can make a special Christmas donation to the Life Education Council. The "Pharaohs" won't like it because you can deduct your donation from your 2015 taxes and Planned Parenthood can't get their hands on it.

We, as you know, are a 501 (c) (3) organization of volunteers. We don't spend donor money on salaries, bonuses office space or equipment, not even a phone. We work out of our own homes using our own equipment and meet around the dining table.

Currently we are developing plans for an updated web site, more e-mail contacting to supplement our direct mail solicitations, and the use of social media to broaden our donor base and make more people aware that stopping abortions doesn't need a Supreme Court decision or a Constitutional amendment. You stop them now!

We extend to you and your family best wishes for a blessed and joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


Dr. Jeff Danco, Neil Sullivan, Luke Amoroso, Marisol Rodriguez, Dr. Adolf Schimpf, Betty LaRosa, Trustees

Dr. Schimpf has migrated from our Advisory Board to the Board of Trustees. He is Chairman of Letters for Life, former President of NJ Right to Life and a long time Academic. His many organizational skills and pro-life experience will be especially valuable as we expand our technological outreach. We welcome Pastor Steve Nash to our Advisory Board. He is Pastor of Christian Community Chapel, Hillsborough, NJ. Along with his wife and daughters, Pastor Nash has for years volunteered at pregnancy aid centers.