Life Education Council spreads the pro-life message by sponsoring public billboards and providing banners for display by pro-life churches, schools, youth groups and other organizations.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers. We rely on donations to continue our work. All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission

The objectives of the Life Education Council are two-fold. The first is to educate the general public as to the humanity of the unborn. The second, equally important objective is to reach out to those in crisis pregnancy situations.

Accordingly, our mission is to spread the pro-life message by encouraging churches, schools, and other institutions to place life affirming banners on their properties. The LEC also uses billboards and other media outlets to publicize the toll-free national pro-life hotline: 1-800-848-LOVE (or 1-855-850-LOVE). This hotline connects callers with local organizations that provide pregnant women with the assistance they need to CHOOSE LIFE for their unborn babies. These banners, billboards and other media outlets are a simple and effective way to spread the pro-life message and save lives.

Pro-Life Banners

This is the new generation of the banners we've been distributing for over 3 years. They are portable, re-usable, and free to pro-life churches and organizations. They carry the same life-saving line as the full-size billboards: the 800 phone number of the National Life Center, the number that has saved the lives of thousands of unborn babies.

Why banners? Why now? Because we've learned recently that dozens of women a month who saw this number on the billboard called for help to avoid having abortions. That was more than five times the number we had previously reported. What a jump! It's obvious that the wider we spread the help line number, the more babies will live.

Our new banners were more popular than we dared hope. We'd barely gotten started when we had to print more banners!

The banners are 6 feet by 3 feet and are easily anchored with garden stakes. Many who requested them display them on church lawns. Some people carry them during prayers at abortion mills; others display them at pro-life youth meetings, or hang them on the walls of meeting rooms.

They are made to be weather resistant. One pastor suggested that the banner be taken down before a hurricane. It wasn't. And it's still up in spite of Category 1 hurricane Irene. Now that's a stress test!

If you would like one of these banners for your church or organization, please contact us today.

The economic efficiency of this new generation of billboards makes your donor dollars more effective saving the lives of unborn babies. There are no rental fees and it has greater geographic and demographic exposure.

Many women who never knew they have alternatives to abortion will now know. When they call the 800 help line, they'll be directed to pregnancy aid centers as close to their homes as possible, even if they live in other states.


Billboard Campaign

Every month, dozens of at-risk women call the help line at 1-855-850-LOVE from the area surrounding our billboard in northern New Jersey. We know that because we examine the log of the area codes from which the calls originate, and they come from the geographic vicinity of the billboard, basically northern NJ and the NY metropolitan area. The billboard is the only medium in which the help line number is advertised in these areas.

How many lives have the billboards saved? Running the numbers, we estimate about 10 lives per month over the 140 months the project has been in existence, or as many as 1,400 lives.

That doesn't account for lives that have been saved as a result of exposure to the pro-life message itself. We believe that the message itself has persuaded thousands of viewers to seek help for their pregnancies other than through the help line, and has persuaded friends and family of potential abortion seekers to encourage mothers-to-be to continue their pregnancies.

The final tally of lives saved will never be known in this world. That doesn't matter. As the Talmud teaches:

For this reason was man created alone, to teach thee that whosoever destroys a single soul... scripture imputes [guilt] to him as though he had destroyed a complete world; and whosoever preserves a single soul..., scripture ascribes [merit] to him as though he had preserved a complete world.